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Buy Now for Free Shipping! | Contact Us: 864-408-8223

AlorAir Sentinel HD90 Commercial Dehumidifier

by AlorAir
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This is a proven choice for basements and crawl spaces. As the energy star certified, this unit gives you the highest efficiency at the lowest cost, while its compact design makes it the first choice for many commercial and residential locations.

This is one of the most reliable dehumidifiers in the market. While it is also applicable for commercial use such as in office spaces, it is being widely used for basements and crawl spaces. This is mostly due to its stable and steady performance without incurring too much noise and electrical consumption. Homeowners are able to save while enjoying its dehumidifying capabilities.

Especially in a home with children and elderly, it is important to maintain the safest indoor air quality to support their fragile health. This can be done by the use of a reliable dehumidifier. It will do its job of extracting excess moisture which is the reason for having a habitable environment for molds and other harmful entities that bring allergies, skin irritations, respiratory issues, and other immune-related diseases.


  • Energy Star certified for energy efficiency
  • Built with an automatic defrosting system for optimal performance
  • High COP (Coefficient of Performance) for efficient moisture removal
  • Remote control for convenient operation
  • Gravity drained for ease of water removal
  • Equipped with a rare alloy tube evaporator for durability
  • Ergonomically designed for easy dismantling and maintenance
  • Rotary compressor for effective moisture extraction
  • Proven to extract maximum moisture even in low-humidity environments
  • Intelligent power-off memory protection for continuous operation
  • Compact design for space efficiency
  • Short-cycling resistant for extended compressor life
  • Supply duct optional for customizable installation


1. Protection from disease - Harmful microorganisms live in high-humidity environments and damage the surfaces they reach. Not properly extracted and prevented, they can cause various health risks such as allergies, skin irritation, respiratory illnesses, and immune-related diseases. Another dangerous group that poses health risks is mosquitoes. They also thrive in moist places. They can infect people with nasty diseases like dengue fever or malaria. Fortunately, a dehumidifier helps prevent their growth and harmful effects. 

2. Cost-effective: Buying a dehumidifier is one of the best investments a person can make. It's designed to function optimally and is energy-saving. Plus, it can prevent damage caused by excessive moisture in the long run.

3. Optimal remediation support - Users can be sure they'll get maximum performance to facilitate their remediation work. It's portable, durable, and reliable in the remediation of severe water damage.

4. Protecting property from damage - The place will be inhospitable to harmful microorganisms that could attack your valuables. 

5. Priority safety by preventing structural problems - can primarily prevent accidents if you have a dehumidifier at home that prevents excess moisture from weakening the structure and foundation of your home.  

6. Pleasant workplace - It's been proven that a workplace is positively affected by fresh air to breathe. When you provide perfect ventilation, your employees will be optimally productive and benefit from each other's motivated work ethic. 

More so, all of our dehumidifiers come with a reliable warranty, which you can also read about on this website. If you've any further questions, don't hesitate to contact our customer service representatives. We'll be happy to help you decide on your dehumidifier needs.


  • Current: 5.56 A for operational power
  • Size/Coverage: Up to 2,600 Sq. Ft. for effective area coverage
  • Noise Level: <58 dBA for quiet operation
  • Capacity: 198 ppd (Saturation 90°F - 90%), 90 ppd (AHAM 80°F - 60%) for moisture removal
  • Airflow: 210 CFM, 350 CMH for efficient air circulation
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 23.2" x 15.2" x 17.7" for a compact footprint
  • Refrigerant: R410A for effective cooling
  • Power: 115 V/60 Hz for standard electrical compatibility
  • COP: 2.69 L/kWh for energy efficiency
  • Filter: Merv-1 (Optional MERV-8) for air filtration
  • Draining: Gravity Draining for water removal
  • Functioning Temperature Range: 33.8°F -104°F for versatile usage
  • Defrosting Control System: Automatic Defrosting for efficient operation
  • Functioning Humidity Range: 36%-90% for customizable humidity control
  • Shipping Weight: 67.2 lbs (30.5 kg) for easy transport
  • Loading Quantity: 20': 144 Sets; 40': 292 Sets; 40'HQ: 365 Sets


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